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  Itinerary 9: from Natisone to Matajur (by mountain bike)  
Difficult but panoramic climb up Matajur along the ridge of the Natisone/Nediža valley, and descent along the most traditional route through Savogna/ Sauodnja and the Alberone/Aborna valley.

Description of the route
From S. Pietro al Natisone/Špietar climb to Klančič, then to Mezzana/Mečana and to the hamlets of Rodda Alta/Gorenj Ruonac. From Tuomaz/Tuomac take the road to Mersino Alto/Gorenj Marsin. From Passo Glevizza/Hlevišča arrive at Montemaggiore/ Matajur, with the possibility to climb the highest mountain of the Natisone valley. Descent from Tercimonte/Tarčmun and Savogna/Sauodnja.

The total length of the route is approximately 42km. Here are the kilometres for each section: S. Pietro al Natisone/ Špietar-Mezzana/Mečana 4.5km; Mezzana/Mečana- Tuomaz/Tuomac 4km; Tuomaz/Tuomac-Medves/ Medvieži approximately 4.5km; Medves/Medvieži- Montemaggiore/Matajur 6.5km; Montemaggiore/ Matajur- Pelizzo Refuge 3.5km; Pelizzo refuge -Tercimonte/Tarčmun 9.5km; Tercimonte/Tarčmun- Savogna/Sauodnja 3km; Savogna/Sauodnja-S. Pietro al Natisone/Špietar 6.5km.

Approximately 1280 metres. Altimetry:
S. Pietro al Natisone/Špietar 174m;
Mezzana/Mečana 463m;
Scubina/Skubini 575m;
Medves/Medvieži 785m;
Passo Glevizza/Hlevišče 997m;
Montemaggiore/ Matajur 955m;
Pelizzo Refuge 1325m;
Tercimonte/ Tarčmun 644m;
Savogna/Sauodnja 210m.

Level of dificulty:
Very high as a result of the height.




Take the small tarmac road that is on the left of the parish church of S. Pietro al Natisone/ Špietar in the direction of Klančič. Arrived at the col (approximately 500m) near the well-known Trattoria Le Querce (for gourmets this is worth a visit when returning), continue on the dirt road on the left (marked with the red and white Cai trail sign n°749).




At Makota (approximately 2km), those who are doing the route on foot can take the alternative on the right (marked with the red and white Cai trail sign n°749 A), not taking the dirt road on the right (this dirt road continues up to Vernassino di Sopra/Gorenj Barnas). This route leads to Matajur along the panoramic ridge between the Natisone/ Nediža and the Alberone/Aborna valleys.


Instead, for those who are on mountain bikes follow the red and white Cai trail sign n°749 up to Mezzana/Mečana (approximately 2km) and beyond, always on the dirt road, up to the hamlets of Rodda Alta/Gorenj Ruonac.

Caution! After 2km from Mezzana/Mečana, the red and white Cai trail sign n°749 points to the right towards the ridge - continue straight following the dirt road! From Scubina/Skubini (3km from Mezzana/Mečana) the road becomes a tarmac road once again, travel along it to Tuomaz/ Tuomac (approximately 1km) where it turns right in the direction of Mersino alto/Gorenj Marsin. Having reached Medves/Medvieži (4.5km), go uphill towards Ierep/Ierebi and then up to the picturesque church of San Lorenzo/Sv. Louronac (Saint Lawrence) (750m.) where there is an impressive view overlooking the Natisone/Nediža valley.

Continuing on this after 3km you reach Passo Glevizza/Hlevišča (on the left, the path marked with the red and white Cai trail sign n°749 allowsyou to reach Matajur on foot) and then there is a slight descent to Montemaggiore/Matajur (2.5km). From Montemaggiore/Matajur climb up (3.5km), the tarmac road, to the Pelizzo Refuge (1320 metres above sea level) and from here to the top of Matajur on foot. From Montemaggiore/Matajur descend using the tarmac road to Vartacia/Vartača (hotel “Orso Matto”) from where you continue on flat ground to Tercimonte/Tarčmun (6km from Montemaggiore/Matajur), here descend along a dirt road (see itinerary 8, page 82) through the village of Stefenig/Stiefinči up to Savogna/ Sauodnja (approximately 3km). Descend along the Alberone/Aborna valley returning to San Pietro al Natisone/Špietar.