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  Itinerary 3: from Castelmonte to Tribil di Sopra (on foot and on horse)  

This route is fascinating as you discover the ridge between the Iudrio/Idrica and the Erbezzo/Arbeč valleys, via Sentiero Italia.

Description of the route
Departure from Albana/Albane and climb, along Sentiero Italia, up to Castelmonte/Stara Gora. Round to Tribil di Sotto/Dolenj Tarbij, Presserie/ Preserje, and country road for Polizza/Polica and Tribil Superiore/Gorenj Tarbij.

The total length of the route is approximately 26km. The kilometres for each section are:
Albana/Albane-Cladrecis/Seucè.approximately.4km; Cladrecis/Seucè-Castelmonte/Stara Gora approximately 5.5km; Castelmonte/Stara.Gora-Presserie/Preserje.
approximately 11km;
Presserie/ Preserje-Polizza/Polica approximately 3.5km;
Polizza/Polica-Tribil Superiore/Gorenj Tarbiji
approximately 1.5km.

Approximately 900 metres. Altimetry:
Albana/ Albane 104m;
Cladrecis/Seucè 250m;
Castelmonte/ Stara Gora 618m;
Presserie/Preserje 496m;
Polizza/ Polica 550m;
Tribil Superiore/Gorenj Tarbij 642m.

Level of dificulty:



From Crosada di Albana/Albane (110m) on the road at the base of the valley (there is space to park the car and trailer near a farmhouse) go up a small tarmac road and in a few hundred metres there is the old and beautiful hamlet of Centa/Britof. The church of Ss. Pietro e Paolo (Saints Peter and Paul) is well worth a visit.

The church, as well as its ribbed vault with bas-relief, is embellished with a beautifully manufactured wooden 17th century altar created
according to the rules of the Slovenian school. It has two sections: on the lower section there are the figures of the Madonna with child, Saints Peter and Sebastian, and on the upper section Saint Anthony Abbot, Anne with Mary as a child and Joachim. There are also paintings by Girolamo Ridofli from Cividale (Madonna with child and Saints Peter and Paul, already an altar piece, 1585) and by Francesco Colussi (Adoration of the Magi, 1777).

A little beyond Centa/Britof there is the trail marked with CAI trail sign n°748. After
approximately 500m along this trail it starts to climb
towards left (1). However if you continue on the small road, in a few minutes, you arrive at Albana castle belonging to the Gabrici family. From here follow a long steep track in the semibarren woods until you reach a field near a tarmac road free from traffic. Take the road to the right and following the red and white Cai trail signs pass over Cladrecis/Seucè (farmhouse) and reach Stregna/Srednje di Prepotto/Prapotno and Fragielis/Frideu, impressive little villages facing the Iudrio/Idrija Valley. A few hundred metres before the church of Fragielis/Frideu go left (look out for the indications) and continue to follow Sentiero Italia which now proceeds along the mountain to then reach the church of the Tre Re/Trije Kraji (Three Kings) (intersection with itinerary n° 4, see page 41), 530m, and then on the dirt road to Castelmonte, 618m. (intersection with itinerary n° 2. See page 24).
Caution! The last part of the path before the church is steep and rocky, not very suitable for horses. This section can be easily avoided by following an old mule track, marked by a dashed black line on the Tabacco map. This track goes round the sector in the woods, breaking off from Sentiero Italia on the left.

Quick alternative:
from point (1) turn left, enter the hamlet of S.Pietro di Chiazzacco/Tieje, climb up, using the wide mule track, on the ridge up to 456m and then follow the tarmac road, free from traffic, up to Castelmonte/Stara Gora.
For a description of the village and Sanctuary of Castelmonte/Stara Gora, see itinerary n° 2 on page 24.

Go along a section of the main road until a little past the crossroads of Iainich/Jagnjed (607m) and via fields climb up to the nearby peak and once passed near a house there the are red and white Cai trail signs once again (caution: the new 2005 indications are not consistent with the
map). Always stay on the north side of Mount S. Nicolò/Sv. Miklavž and you reach the church in approximately 670 metres.

For a description of the historical events occurred during the Battle of Kobarid/Caporetto around the church of S. Nicolò/Sv. Miklavž (Saint
Nicholas), see route n° 2 on page 26.

With the new indications the path (easy) continues on the north side and, without completely descending to Covacevizza/Kovačeuca, continues through the woods, always in view of the tarmac road a little below, until arriving to the tarmac
road in front of the forest road at Skriuca. Take a mule track that descends into the valley (the path is marked in black on the map) and you will shortly arrive at the fields of Planino, scattered with stavoli of a curious architecture, near Tribil di Sotto/Dolenj Tarbij.
Arrived at Tribil di Sotto/Dolenj Tarbij, where unfortunately for the moment there is no restaurant, continue on this road for approximately another 700m towards Tribil di Sopra/Gorenj Tarbij (it is possible to avoid a section of tarmac road by staying on a dirt road a little below. In addition there are other beautiful fields and a big drinking trough cut out of a block of stone dating from 1850) and next to a hayloft, on the left, descend into the wood of chestnut trees via a small path to reach Presserie/Preserje. Follow the map carefully in this section as the route is not marked even though it is very visible.
At Presserie/Preserje take the large and rather long dirt road that, with lots of little hills, goes over the numerous watersheds of the Erbezzo/Arbeč. At the beginning there is a beautiful view that overlooks the village of Oblizza/Oblica situated on the opposite side. After having completely gone round the ridge where the village of Polizza/ Polica is situated, the forest road joins from the north. In the village avoid following the tarmac road towards Gnidovizza/Gnjiduca and go onto the mule track right at the beginning of the village. In only a few minutes there is the main road heading towards Tribil di Sopra/Gorenj Tarbij with its strange bell tower which looks like an embattled turret. Having passed the ex-dairy building go up to the village on the right using a little road that passes in the middle of the houses..

Intersection with itinerary n° 2 on page 28, with itinerary n° 4 on page 43 and with itinerary n° 5 on page 48.
In the village it is possible to eat at the farmhouse Borgo dei Meli (open Monday-Saturday-Sunday), or at the bar in the square. Also there is the possibility to put horses undercover for the night by contacting the farmhouse.
unfortunately from Tribil di Sopra/Gorenj Tarbij Sentiero Italia towards Drenchia/Dreka can no longer be crossed via horse. Wanting to go therefore to Clabuzzaro/Brieg via Itinerary 1 on page 19, which goes up from the Iudrio/Idrija valley it is necessary to follow the tarmac road, free from traffic, for 7km from Tribil di Sopra/ Gorenj Tarbij to Clabuzzaro/Brieg. If necessary it is possible to go down into the Iudrio/Idrija valley via two different forest roads, one direct from Tribil di Sopra/Gorenj Tarbij and one that departs from Gnidovizza/Gnjiduca and goes down along Gostlaz. Also from Rucchin/Zaločilo there is a forest road that goes down to the Iudrio/Idrija River.