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  Itinerary 7: mount S. Martino and Topolo  
Excursion on the top of Mount S. Martino/Sv. Martin, one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Natisone valleys and descent across the village of Topolò/Tapoluove.

Description of the route
From Clodig/Hlodič climb up to Passo Prievalo and from there proceed to Mount S. Martino/Sv. Martin. Following a section of Sentiero Italia descend to Topolò/Tapoluove, one of the most enchanting and best conserved villages of the Natisone valleys. Return to Clodig/Hlodič, on dirt road or on tarmac road.

The total length of the route is approximately 13km. Here are the kilometres for each section:
Clodig/Hlodič- Passo Prievalo 4.5km;
Passo Prievalo-Mount S. Martino/Sv. Martin 2.5km;
S. Martino/Sv. Martin-Topolò/Tapoluove 2.5km;
Topolò/Topoluove-Clodig/Hlodič 3.5km.

Approximately 734m. Altimetry:
Clodig/Hlodič 253 m.;
Pass Prievalo m. 663;
Mount S. Martino m. 987;
Topolò/Tapoluove 531.

Level of dificulty:
Medium-high by mountain bike; without difficulty on foot.



Depart from the square at Clodig/Hlodič (intersection with itinerary n° 5. See page 48) and, in a short time, descend down to Liessa/Liesa (400m in the direction of Cividale). At the beginning of the village turn right on the tarmac road going uphill and that crosses the villages of Brida di Sotto/Dolenje Bardo (600m), Plataz/Platac (another 1.5km) and Canalaz/Kanalac (again another 1km). Arrive at Pass Prievalo (after a further 750 metres) and, if you want, go back down to Cepletischis/Čeplešišče (4km). At Passo Prievalo turn right and on the dirt road you reach the top of Mount San Martino (2.5km) dominated by the church.

For those who do the excursion on foot, from Pass Prievalo/Preval it is best to take the marked path straight away that passes along the ridge of the mountain, through the woods.

Already mentioned in 1299, the church of S. Martino (Saint Martin) has been recently restored. From the top there is a splendid 360° view
of all of the Natisone valleys, of Mount Nero (Krn), of Kolovrat and of Matajur.

Descend along the path to Kiuč (approximately 750 metres). Here the path intersects with Sentiero Italia (marked with the red and white Cai trail sign n°745) and is on your right, after approximately 1.5km you reach Topolò/Tapoluove.

During the first three weekends of July, artistic research “takes over” this small village (in the commune of Grimacco/Garmak) thanks to
sone, sul
Monte Nero (Krn), sul Kolovrat e sul Matajur.
the exhibition “Postaja Tapoluove/Stazione Topolò.” The rhythm of the day, from sunrise to sunset, is full of events and shows of all kinds and is now famous at an international level. Artists from all the world “create” art by interacting with what they have that surround: architecture, life stories, rhythms, the Slovene dialect, contact with nature, cultural curiosity, the road that ends here, the silence, contrasts, rituals.
From the church of Topolò there is a path (the steepness lessens as you continue) which crosses the splendid woods and leads, in approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, to the village of Luico-Livek in Slovenia. The itinerary from Topolò to Passo Brieza (50 minutes), from the spring of 2005, is covered by ten pieces of artwork by authors of different nationalities, as if they are a sort of continuation of the Postaja Topoluove exhibition.

Return to Clodig/Hlodič along a path that starts from the car park at the bottom of the village and then take the dirt road on the valley floor that in approximately 2km leads to Seuza/Seuce. From here another short path takes to Clodig/Hlodič (approximately 750m.). As an alternative from Topolò/Tapoluove to Clodig/Hlodič you can descend along the tarmac road (4km).